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Nathan Spectrum of Delusion The Cave

Hey hey! I'm Nathan, a technical sound designer & composer for games currently based in the Netherlands. I have a passion for creating gameplay that "clicks" by using synchronicity between music, gameplay and systems. I also believe this works out best when closely working together with a team of gamedevs to achieve this.

I studied Music & Technology at the University of the Arts Utrecht, where my focus was to be a composer and technical sound designer for games. During my master's there I also worked with Sinusaur, a small company that handled creation and implementation of all audio for games.

Currently I'm focussed on Technical Sound Design in the context of UE5 and WWise in order to learn reverb techniques.

When I'm not working on games, I indulge in composing metal, shredding on guitar, bouldering and playing games.


Reaper, Sibelius, MuseScore, Max MSP, Adobe Premiere

Unity, Basic C#, FMOD, Wwise

GitHub, Slack, Trello, Milanote

Dream Projects

Wake me up in the middle of the night if you are considering to have me:

- Make music for a 2D fighter

- Do technical sound design and/or music for a rhythm game

- Do music, voice directing, technical sound design (or all 3) on a soulslike

- Do any work on an MMORPG

- Create a music focussed player experiece

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